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Jason Roose Hand Painted Canvas from Tabula Rasa

Hand painted Canvas State of California with Cali Bear by Jason Roose.



Born in Florida, Jason Roose has been exposed to a wide variety of artistic mediums ever since he was young. Drawing inspiration from both of his parents, who were local artists, he decided to pursue professional training in the Graphic Arts program at Daytona State College. However, being from a small town wasn’t enough, and he developed an itch to be in The Big City that just had to be scratched.

 After college, Jason made the move to New York City with a big design opportunity in the bag. But he soon realized that the 9-to-5 cubicle life just wasn’t satisfying his creative impulses. Instead, he decided to start his own company, One House Studios. A full-service design firm which provides its clients with a spectrum of design solutions from print to web under its namesake: One House.

 Currently, Jason splits his time between LA & NYC, from where he not only continues to work, but also plays and draws his inspiration. His work is of an urban, mixed-media style which incorporates the likes of spray paint, marker, acrylic, stencil, ink, blood and sweat. It’s a stylistic portrayal of the human eye in a grimy world, ever-learning, ever-evolving, and ever trying to cleanse itself through outlets of inspiration.

Value: $175.00

Donated By Tabula Rasa