Join Mental Health America of Greater Houston in a small group, 90-minute training session for food and beverage managers on issues related to mental health awareness, the first session of a continuing series to empower food and beverage professionals with better mental health awareness.

Topics to be covered include:

  • - Signs of depression, anxiety, other mental illness (observable physical symptoms)
  • - Fostering a positive mental health environment in the workplace
  • - “How to listen well.” Even if you’re not naturally compassionate, what verbiage can you use to be a better leader/manager
  • - List of resources to call for mental health crisis
  • - How to respond to guests and employees in crisis 
  • - What if you’re a manager and you struggle with mental illness
    • --- How to talk to higher ups (confidentiality)
    • --- Triggers 
    • --- Preventative care in the workplace 



Monday, Sep 30th 05:30 PM  -  Monday, Sep 30th 07:00 PM CST


Revival Market
550 Heights Blvd
Houston, TX


Mental Health Awareness Training for Food and Beverage Managers


Casual and comfortable

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09.30 Session at Revival Market

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