Join National Alliance on Mental Illness of Greater Houston in a small group, 90-minute training session for food and beverage staff (non-managers) on issues related to mental health awareness, the first session of a continuing series to empower food and beverage professionals with better mental health awareness.

Topics to be covered include:

- Signs of depression, anxiety, other mental illness (observable physical symptoms)
- Triggers
- Preventive care in the workplace: 'checking' in with yourself
- List of resources to call for mental health crisis, community resources for mental health care
- How to get your needs met
- 3 emotional response stages



Sunday, Sep 29th 10:00 AM  -  11:30 AM CST


Camerata at Paulie's
1830 Westheimer
Houston, TX


Mental Health Awareness Training for Food and Beverage Staff, front of house and back of house.


Casual and comfortable

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09.30 Session at Camerata

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